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School Staff



Mrs Helen MacGregor-                Headteacher


Barrington Class

Miss Marie-Claire Hudson-         Reception and Year 1 teacher

Miss Penny Clarke -                      Teaching Assistant

Miss Melissa Gillott                      Teaching assistant


Hestercombe Class

Mrs Audrey Allerston-                   Year 2 teacher

                                                           Senior Teacher

                                                           Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Leader

                                                           Maths leader


Mr Philip Saunders -                       Teaching Assistant


Killerton Class

Miss Jo Littlechild                             Year 3 and 4 Teacher 



Mrs Chris Biggs-                               Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kerry James                              Teaching Assistant



Montacute  Class

Mr Steve Bate-                                 Year 5 and 6 teacher

                                                            English Leader


Mrs Sharon Steer-                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fiona Brown-                            Teaching Assistant





In the school office

Mrs Sarah Corby-                             School Administrator

Miss Saskia Day                                Admin Assistant

Mrs Katrina Selwood-                     Admin Assistant


Lunchtime staff

Mrs Sue Bill Grace                        Kitchen Assistant

Miss Saskia Day                             Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Katrina Selwood-                  Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jenny Tyler                            Lunchtime supervisor




Premises staff

Vacancy -                                        Caretaker and Cleaner


Out-of-school care staff

Mrs Katrina Selwood -                D.A.S.H. Club

Miss Saskia Day -                         D.A.S.H. Club

Mrs Kerry James                          Bucklaneers Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Hedger                       Bucklaneers Supervisor 

Mr Philip Saunders                     Bucklaneers Assistant

From 1st May 2018, West Buckland Primary School is proud to be a member of the Richard Huish Trust.