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Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19)

Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 1
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 2
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 3
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 4
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 5
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 6
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 7
Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19) 8
We had a very enjoyable visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum where we completed a 'pioneers of flight' workshop and toured the planes that have created the history of flight. We collectively built a scale model of the Wright Flyer and then launched it down a runway! This really helped us consolidate the knowledge we have gained of aviators and aviation in class this half term.

Football Tournament 11.2.19

The football team participated in the 'small schools mixed football tournament' at Heathfield secondary school on the above date. They were very competitive throughout and at times played some nice football. Our victories came against Langford Budville and Hatch Beauchamp.

Squad: James, Cerys, Owen, Alfy, Max, Thomas & Aiden

P:5 W:2 D:0 L:3 F:4 A:9

Fly To The Line - Regional Winners - through to the National Finals!

Fly To The Line - Regional Winners - through to the National Finals! 1
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Spring Term

Things are taking 'flight' in Wyvern class in the spring term as we are investigating the question 'How has the invention of flight impacted people around the world?' The children will be designing, constructing and testing gliders in preparation for the Fly To The Line RAF glider challenge. They will also be researching famous aviators and how flying machines have evolved over time. Non-chronological report writing skills will be used to create reports linked to this topic. The children will get the opportunity to design an in-flight meal that could be used on an aircraft. Pencil drawings of famous aviators will be produced using shading and marking skills with pencils of various gradients. The Look Who's Talking competition will take place and the children will once again get the chance to display their performance poetry techniques and deliver a presentation on their favourite book. In a blocked unit on Earth & Space the children will be able to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. They will also be able to explain how day & night occur, why we have seasons and explain a lunar month. 

Maths Challenge

Three of our Year 6 children took part in a 'maths challenge' at Court Fields School on Monday 21st January. They faced some tough problems, but did extremely well and worked together as a team.

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Cyclo-cross 1
Cyclo-cross 2
Cyclo-cross 3
Cyclo-cross 4

Mr Knox from British Cycling came in today (13.12.18) and gave us a fantastic session of cyclo-cross. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite the muddy, cold conditions, and are looking forward to the competition in January.


UPDATE: Our Cyclo-cross team finished in a magnificent 2nd position in the competition that took place on the 15th January. Huge congratulations to you all.

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Travelling to a home near you very soon...

Travelling to a home near you very soon... 1
Travelling to a home near you very soon... 2
Travelling to a home near you very soon... 3

Boys Football Tournament December 2018

Boys Football Tournament December 2018 1 P: 5 W:3 D:0 L:2 F:7 A:7

Girls Football Tournament (26.11.18)

Girls Football Tournament (26.11.18) 1 Played 5, Won 3, Drew 1, Lost 1, For 12, Against 5

The Museum Of Somerset

We had a very enjoyable day at the museum on the 14th November with a focus on Somerset myths and legends. We learnt all about the tale of the Gurt Wurm and the Somerset gargoyles - the 'hunky punks' - which we created from clay. A tour of the museum followed, where we turned detective in searching out clues amongst the many artefacts on display.

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Lest we forget

Lest we forget 1
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WUNDERSMITH! Don't forget this fantastic sequel to our class reader is out now!

Go and grab yourself a copy. I managed to get a signed edition...smiley

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Autumn Term 

Magic is happening in Wyvern class at the start of the new school year. The mythical Wyvern creature will be designed and its life cycle created. Magical poetry inspired by Kit Wright's The Magic Box will be written and 3D shape will be used to create actual magical boxes from designed nets. Narrative skills will be evident as the children take inspiration from the short film 'Swing Of Change' and our class reader 'Nevermoor'. The magical world of Force Land will allow the children to have a greater understanding of forces in action and for them to take on the role of health & safety officers and ride designers for a new theme park. Ride designs will include additional ICT skills of graphic lettering and 3D map making. Mathematical knowledge will be improved through place value, 4 operations, shape and fractions. In adition to this, PE will focus on basketball & netball skills and in French lessons the children will learn to navigate around a French town and identify common shops. Music lessons (brass instruments) will take place every Wednesday.

Step boldly!

Coming Soon...

Autumn parent evenings: Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th December

Christmas carol service: Friday 21st December

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