About us



To build further upon our Trust values, at West Buckland Primary School and Nursery we provide a welcoming, happy and safe place where children are encouraged to try new and exciting things. Our supportive and inclusive team create a learning environment that stimulates conversation, develops curiosity, allowing children to discover their interests and grow their love of learning. These solid foundations to build upon empowered children to embrace learning as well as building their emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing. This allows them to go on to achieve their full potential.

We are part of a caring community of respect and encouragement in which children actively participate and contribute to local and global challenges and issues. This creates young people who are confident and responsible individuals, prepared to shape and respond to the technologically advanced and ever-changing world they will live in. We encourage children to think for themselves, to take responsibility for their own actions and to be mindful of the needs of others. Our school is one of kindness where caring children and staff help each other grow in courage and confidence.

Our high quality education and childcare, based upon strong family support and fellowship, ensures everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated. Respect, tolerance and inclusion helps us develop well-rounded and thoughtful children. We foster love of learning in a nurturing environment to help every child acquire, demonstrate and articulate knowledge. Children are encouraged to embrace challenge and change. Maximising each individual’s sense of wellbeing, skills building, knowledge acquisition and worldly understanding really does make West Buckland a truly happy and special place to be.