Richard Huish Education Group

Richard Huish Education Group is an independent charitable organisation established by Richard Huish College, an academy sponsor approved by the Department for Education, to support local schools.  West Buckland was the first primary school to join the Education Group, followed by North Curry Church of England Primary School, North Town Academy and Nerrols Primary School. Taunton Academy was the first secondary school of the Education Group. Click HERE to find out more.

Huish aims to nurture the individuality of its member schools, identifying the areas of strength and distinctive features of the local community in order to promote sustainable improvement.

John Abbott, Chief Executive Officer, Richard Huish Education Group

The Group Ethos:

As part of the Richard Huish Education Group, we share a set of values:

  • Students are at the centre of everything we do – all decisions are considered in relation to the impact on students.
  • We are determined and rigorous in our pursuit of educational excellence – we are individually and collectively committed to making improvements for the benefit of students.
  • We strive to add value and are committed to supporting all members of the community to achieve beyond what might be expected.
  • We have a culture that cares for the individual and promotes inclusivity, equality and mutual respect – specialist support is available for all and diversity is embraced.
  • Honesty and integrity are central to our work – we are committed to being transparent, open and trusting.
  • We work collaboratively and constructively as a team in order to best serve the local and wider community – all stakeholders work together positively and professionally.