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Blackmoor Class page has material to support your child’s learning while school is closed and lots of ideas to keep them busy. We will do our best to provide feedback at least once a week on anything that they are able to do. However, please put your child’s needs first. If you or your child are finding this difficult to manage, just do what you can, when you can.

New summer term 2 documents below...

Eerie-on-Sea (in progress)

Artwork (using the Fibonacci numbers)

Some lovely home art work from Maisie

The Freshest Friday yet...

Beautiful Mayan weaving


Fresh Friday - Mayan style!

These are 2 possible recipes, but you could make anything as long as it includes one of the foods mentioned in Wednesday's lesson.




The City Of Silence


The Planet Of pain


The Palace Of Pesimism


The City Of Catastrophe


The Graveyard Of Death


The Shed Of Shame


The dark hospital of endless pain


The City Of Silence


The Supermarket Of Terror









Released last month; there is a sequel folks!

Even Fresher Friday!


Dragon was not the only thing to have 'lift off' this week...

Meanwhile, down on the farm...

Maz Evans just wanted to let you know...

New summer term 'week 5' tasks below no

Max popped round to Elliot's for a cup of tea yesterday! (socially distanced of course)

Excellent creative artwork from Ellie...

Pop Art Self Portraits! (inspired by Andy Warhol)

Fresh Friday. Here are a few things we have never, ever, done before!

The French poster is your main task today. Please give it your very best efforts.

The Book Of Hopes Edited by Katherine Rundell, with contributions from more than 100 children’s writers and illustrators

Completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.

The collection, published by Bloomsbury, is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.


Available from Mon 27th April (link below)

New 'summer term' week 1 tasks below no
This week we have re-told the story of Snow White in 4 different ways...

Mirror Snowball

Pig Latin

Mix Tape


If you ever happen to be in the Asphodel Fields then pop in to Cafe Hero - 'no ordinary cafe'!


If you haven't yet sent in your Top Trumps then please do so. I will then add them to the great sets already on the web page.
Bonus 'geography' task to be completed by Friday 24th April...

More super creativity at home

Having a 'quacking' time...

Sleeping with the stars!

Paint the whole world with a ...

Top Trumps; some fantastic examples of completed cards

Thank you to all of you that have completed either all or the majority of the tasks set for you last week; a fantastic effort. 


Mama Don't Allow (Alternative Versions!)

Prisoner Forty-Two just for you...


More super-creative home learning!

Inspired by her new surroundings!

Lucia has been doing some interior design...

Some creative underwater research going on today!

The activities below are for Thursday and Friday of this week. This will give you time to get 'stuck into' your ongoing Top Trumps task; I am not expecting the Top Trumps to be finished by Friday!

Probably too late but...Apologies everyone.

Chapter 5 comprehension Q.2 should read 'Why does Virgo get annoyed at the cow?' and not Elliot.

Thank you very much to the majority of children who have competed the set home learning tasks so far this week. If you are yet to email any of Monday's or Tuesday's tasks to me, could you please do so. Well done and stay safe everyone. Mr Bate
To clarify everyone... you should write your own version of the letter. It can obviously use some of the information given, but put your own twist on it, with standard letter conventions. It can be typed or written, I don't mind.

Year 5 spellings

Year 6 spellings

Keeping Active

Physical activity and exercise can improve our health, make us feel better, give us more energy and it reduces the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes and heart disease. In this time of increasing restrictions on our movement with Coronavirus, it is still crucial we are active for 60 minutes a day. Being active also releases natural endorphines that make us feel much happier. It also tires the children out and some peace and quiet may ensue (not guaranteed!). 


There are many ways we can keep fit at home with no equipment. You Tube has a plethora of content - obviously, please supervise the children while they are using this platform. These are some of my favourites and the children (and you) can literally just follow them - click, play, workout, happy days. 


Sallys - awesome strength workouts. There are Sallys for squats - the easiest, stomach/core which is harder and if any of you can complete Sally arms, you get a gold medal! 

Sally squats:

Sally core:

Sally arms:


Moovlee - there are so many workouts - yoga, meditation and active workouts. Here are a couple of good ones: and


Joe Wicks the Body Coach. Joe Wicks is brilliant - he has hundreds of workouts on his YouTube channel specifically for children, but also tons for adults to do too. It is important that children do the children's work outs as they are specifically designed for their growing bodies. All of the workouts need little space and no equipment and are really easy to follow. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga. I use these a lot in school and the children love them. There are lots to choose from and they too have their own YouTube channel. 


Government advice is to still be active and even if self isolating, it is important to go out, but keep away from others. This means a walk, a run, a cycle or scoot is an option, but no close contact with anyone. 


Home Circuits - this is a really fun way to keep fit - design your circuit, set up your timer, get some music on and off you go! Here is one that I do at home: star jumps, press ups, sit ups, sprint on the spot, tricep dips (I use the edge of the sofa), lie on back and do leg raises, jumping squats, plank, punches (stand with legs apart and punch forward with alternate arms as hard as you can), squat with alternate knee raise, punch up in the air (straight up above your head) with alternate arms, crunches. 

You decide on the work/rest balance. Start with 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest between each exercise, then try 35 seconds work with 25 seconds rest and aim for 40 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest. I write the exercises out on bits of paper so I can re-use them. Enjoy!

Home Learning Resources

For the children who are yet to complete their book review of one of the World Book Day books...could you please either send this in to school via post; post it through the school letterbox; or email/scan it to the Blackmoor class address. Many thanks.

Thank you to the children who have produced some lovely reviews already, that will be going in the school library.

World Book Day Book Reviews

SATs revision websites

Parents - make sure you have a read of our very own Flanimals book created on World Book Day!

Remember you are all swimming this half term!

Create some dance moves for the Sport Relief song chorus...

Max meets Speedo Mick!

A charity fundraiser who is walking from John O'Groats to Lands end, in just his swimwear, has entered the final stage of his journey here in the West Country. 

Liverpudlian Michael Cullen better known as 'Speedo Mick' , braved Storm Ciara to continue his journey to Lands End.

He is walking 1000 miles to raise money for community projects for disadvantaged young people in Liverpool.

Currently he has raised over £180,000 for the Leave the Light On group.

Take Away Tasks Spring 2

Singing Superstars!

Some of our Year 6 pupils attended a singing workshop with renowned choral director, vocal coach and arranger, Mark De-Lisser. They performed beautifully and even managed to grab a TV slot on BBC Points West! Well done everyone...

Hindu Artwork

As part of our work on Hinduism we have used our 'fine pencil skills' to create these beautiful henna tattoos on our own hands. Watch this space for how these will evolve...

Wellington School Maths Challenge 2019


On Saturday 23rd November, Waterstones Taunton, will be hosting a David Walliams party from 11am. Lot's of fun activities are planned and you are encouraged to come dressed as your favourite character from his books!

Blackmoor have added some marvelous new words to their vocabularies. Everyone introduced their 'costumed' word and gave a definition, before putting the word into context. We also had some fun with word play, before creating new compound words from existing compound words. A great effort from everyone, well done.


The Autumn 2 take away tasks are out. Find them below in the documents...

Windrush Caribbean Dance Workshop

Blackmoor class had a marvelous time this morning reinforcing their knowledge of the Windrush generation and learning some new facts along the way. We can now identify some Caribbean flags too! We learnt two Caribbean dance routines, everyone feeling the rhythm of the music, and completed a limbo in a carnival style. Mrs Steer and Mr Bate even managed to 'throw a few shapes'!


State of Emergency theatre group will be working with Blackmoor Class on Thursday 7th November. Caribbean dance and an understanding of the Windrush generation will have a high priority!

Blackmoor class have entered 'Journalist Training School' in the second half of the autumn term. We are learning all about what is required to find, select and report news stories before creating our own newspaper (yet to be titled)! We will be answering these enquiry questions:

Why is it important that news is reported accurately on a local, national and international scale?

Do I feel confident to ask questions and to challenge misinformation?

Do I have my own values and opinions about news?

The classroom has become a newsroom for the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for breaking news!


In addition to this, we are studying Hinduism and the question: 'How do the beliefs of Dharma, Deity and Atman affect the way Hindu people live their lives?'

Sports Hall Athletics 22.10.19 Small Schools Champions

The results are in...and this group of athletes have finished in 1st PLACE in the small schools competition. What a fantastic achievement by the team. We now progress to the county finals for the second year in a row.

Squad: Cerys, Orla, Ellie, Ruby, Ida, Maisie, Owen, Max, James, Milo, Aiden and Dylan.

Simply beautiful and creative love sculptures - autumn take away task

SASP Sports Leadership Programme Pupils 2019/20

Girls Football Tournament 16.10.19

The second girls' football tournament has taken place at Kings College and pleasingly we remain unbeaten! The results are below.

West Buckland 1 v 1 West Monkton - Hillman 

Wiveliscombe 0 v 1 West Buckland -  Steven 

Trull 0 v 3 West Buckland - Hillman (2), Steven

Another brilliant performance from all the girls as we were up against much larger schools this time. Cerys and Orla continued their fine scoring streak in front of goal and Ellie was called into action on more than one occasion. 

Squad: Cerys, Ellie, Tia, Robyn, Gabrielle, Ruby, Maisie, Emma, Sophie and Orla.

Dodgeball 9.10.19

A debut performance at the inter-schools 'dodgeball' tournament for West Buckland brought great fun, honesty and skills to Blackbrook Leisure Centre. Two squads of six competed in 5 matches each, against other local schools. As this was a 'can do' tournament no scores were recorded, but both teams did really well and made lots of dodgeball progress throughout the afternoon. The sporting value of 'honesty' had a high profile due to the absence of referees. The children had to 'own up' if they were out (hit below head height with the ball) and they did this brilliantly. A random teachers match also made an appearance at the end of the competition!

SQUAD A: Alfy, Harry, Elliott, Reuben, Matthew & Max.

SQUAD B: Owen, Ellie, Dylan, Elliot, Orla & Ollie.

Love ladders!

We have created these 'love ladders' and given them as gifts to a special person. The ladders have words and phrases that explain what 'love is...' to us. We have used our cutting, sticking and artistic skills to make them.

Girls Football Tournament 2-10-19

The sporting season is up and running and we have kicked off with the first of the girls' football tournaments at Kings College. The results are below.

West Buckland 4 v 0 Norton Fitzwarren - Hillman (4)

Sampford Arundel 0 v 4 West Buckland - Hillman (2) Steven (2)

Staplegrove 0 v 3 West Buckland - Hillman (3)

A fantastic performance from all the girls, particularly those representing the school for the first time. They should all be very proud of themselves. 

Squad: Cerys, Ellie, Tia, Robyn, Gabrielle, Ruby, Maisie, Emma, Sophie and Orla.

Take Away Tasks Autumn 2

Wyvern - Blackmoor

Next year's Blackmoor class use the Curlywurly Challenge to discuss the properties of chocolate and caramel. Quality scientific vocabulary is required when describing materials!

Tamsin Cooke 1000 Word Action/Adventure Story Writing Competition

Yasmin attended the finals of the above event, creating a fine book trailer and a riveting action/adventure story called 'The Jungle Of Unknown'. She read her story out beautifully and received great praise from Tamsin Cooke for her efforts.

Inter house Cricket competition

Scafell 204 v Snowdon 217

Snowdon 210 v Nevis 98

Scafell 198 v Nevis 192

WINNERS: Snowdon

Inter house Rounders competition 2

Scafell 4 v Snowdon 6

Snowdon 4 v Nevis 4 (Snowdon win on outs)

Scafell 6 v Nevis 2

WINNERS: Snowdon

Father's Day Superheroes!

Small Schools Cricket tournament: 5th June 2019

Our cricketers did us proud achieving a fantastic second place in the small schools cricket competition held at the Wyvern Club in Taunton. After winning a very tight semi-final against Crocombe & Stogumber by just 2 runs we faced a strong Stawley bowling attack in the final that just proved a step too far. Special congratulations to our second team who gained valuable playing experience in a  series of friendly games.

Grass Track Cycling 4th June 2019: a fine 6th placed finish for our cyclists. Well done!

Inter house Rounders competition

Scafell 4.5 v Snowdon 5

Snowdon 4 v Nevis 4.5

Scafell 4 v Nevis 3

WINNERS: Scafell

Rounders Tournament 20th May 2019


A fantastic performance by our rounders team earned us silver medals in the small schools competition held at Court Fields school. The team won 4 out of their 5 matches, only losing the 5th game by 2 points. A truly excellent effort all 'round'!

SQUAD: Owen, Ryan, Ellie, Seb, Reuben, Max, Charley, Tia, Alfy, Everlyn, Saxon, Yasmin, Ollie, Matthew, Ruby, Millie & James.


Sampford Arundel 3 v 23 West Buckland

West Buckland 14 v 16 Oake, Bradford & Nynehead

West Buckland 36 v 12 Priorswood

Langford Budville 22 v 25 West Buckland

Stawley 15 v 35 West Buckland

Our eco-bags have finally been finished and they look great. We aim to use these rather than carrier bags.

A fantastic effort with our Easter bonnets and shields of St George. Well done everyone.

Beautiful Easter cards heading to Wyvern homes imminently!

Is it only a game? We have revised the SMART rules of internet safety through the power of drama!

Practical mathematical measuring! Calculating perimeters...

Glider Girls Soar To New Heights!

This plane came a magnificent 4th in the national glider finals...

And these are the girls that designed, engineered and flew it there! We are all incredibly proud of you - well done girls.

Next stop Australia! The letters are on their way...

'Maz Evans' in Waterstones Taunton

'Emma Carroll' in Waterstones Taunton

Did you go and meet her? I did, and so did the lovely Mrs James. Look what she has done for you all...
Well done Everlyn for going to see both Maz Evans and Emma Carroll! 

Fleet Air Arm Museum (14.2.19)

We had a very enjoyable visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum where we completed a 'pioneers of flight' workshop and toured the planes that have created the history of flight. We collectively built a scale model of the Wright Flyer and then launched it down a runway! This really helped us consolidate the knowledge we have gained of aviators and aviation in class this half term.

Football Tournament 11.2.19

The football team participated in the 'small schools mixed football tournament' at Heathfield secondary school on the above date. They were very competitive throughout and at times played some nice football. Our victories came against Langford Budville and Hatch Beauchamp.

Squad: James, Cerys, Owen, Alfy, Max, Thomas & Aiden

P:5 W:2 D:0 L:3 F:4 A:9

Fly To The Line - Regional Winners - through to the National Finals!

Spring Term

Things are taking 'flight' in Wyvern class in the spring term as we are investigating the question 'How has the invention of flight impacted people around the world?' The children will be designing, constructing and testing gliders in preparation for the Fly To The Line RAF glider challenge. They will also be researching famous aviators and how flying machines have evolved over time. Non-chronological report writing skills will be used to create reports linked to this topic. The children will get the opportunity to design an in-flight meal that could be used on an aircraft. Pencil drawings of famous aviators will be produced using shading and marking skills with pencils of various gradients. The Look Who's Talking competition will take place and the children will once again get the chance to display their performance poetry techniques and deliver a presentation on their favourite book. In a blocked unit on Earth & Space the children will be able to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. They will also be able to explain how day & night occur, why we have seasons and explain a lunar month. 

Maths Challenge

Three of our Year 6 children took part in a 'maths challenge' at Court Fields School on Monday 21st January. They faced some tough problems, but did extremely well and worked together as a team.


Mr Knox from British Cycling came in today (13.12.18) and gave us a fantastic session of cyclo-cross. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite the muddy, cold conditions, and are looking forward to the competition in January. We even had time for a quick inter-house race off where Nevis were the winners. Well done.


UPDATE: Our Cyclo-cross team finished in a magnificent 2nd position in the competition that took place on the 15th January. Huge congratulations to you all.

Travelling to a home near you very soon...

Boys Football Tournament December 2018

P: 5 W:3 D:0 L:2 F:7 A:7

Girls Football Tournament (26.11.18)

Played 5, Won 3, Drew 1, Lost 1, For 12, Against 5

The Museum Of Somerset

We had a very enjoyable day at the museum on the 14th November with a focus on Somerset myths and legends. We learnt all about the tale of the Gurt Wurm and the Somerset gargoyles - the 'hunky punks' - which we created from clay. A tour of the museum followed, where we turned detective in searching out clues amongst the many artefacts on display.

Lest we forget

Inter house Football competition

Scafell 3 v Snowdon 2

Snowdon 1 v Nevis 1

Scafell 2 v Nevis 1

WINNERS: Scafell

WUNDERSMITH! Don't forget this fantastic sequel to our class reader is out now!

Go and grab yourself a copy. I managed to get a signed edition...smiley

Autumn Term 

Magic is happening in Wyvern class at the start of the new school year. The mythical Wyvern creature will be designed and its life cycle created. Magical poetry inspired by Kit Wright's The Magic Box will be written and 3D shape will be used to create actual magical boxes from designed nets. Narrative skills will be evident as the children take inspiration from the short film 'Swing Of Change' and our class reader 'Nevermoor'. The magical world of Force Land will allow the children to have a greater understanding of forces in action and for them to take on the role of health & safety officers and ride designers for a new theme park. Ride designs will include additional ICT skills of graphic lettering and 3D map making. Mathematical knowledge will be improved through place value, 4 operations, shape and fractions. In adition to this, PE will focus on basketball & netball skills and in French lessons the children will learn to navigate around a French town and identify common shops. Music lessons (brass instruments) will take place every Wednesday.

Step boldly!

Coming Soon...

Autumn parent evenings: Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th December

Christmas carol service: Friday 21st December

Take Away Tasks
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