Daily Information

8:40am Gates open; children to enter and walk to class
8:50am Bell rings and gates are closed (official start to compulsory day)
8:55am Register taken
10:30am Whole school breaktime
12:00pm Packed lunches eat in their classroom; hot dinners eat in the hall
12:30pm Whole school playtime on the playground or field (weather dependent)
1:00pm Afternoon registration
KS1 afternoon break as teachers’ discretion
3:10pm End of day

Our assemblies are varied and encourage participation. Often, they focus on one of our school values, a story which encourages children to think about their place in the world or how people interact, a story from one of the great faith traditions or something that is current in the news. Children are encouraged to consider what we’ve discussed through quiet moments, song and focussed reflection.
• Monday: Whole school assembly
• Tuesday: Class assembly
• Wednesday: Singing assembly
• Thursday: Key Stage assembly
• Friday: Celebration assembly

Please ensure you child has a coat in school as much as possible, in light and moderate rain we will still get outside at break and lunch time to enjoy some fresh air. Please ensure your child has a hat to wear outside in the summer months and suncream is applied at home in the morning.

The road outside school becomes very congested at busy times and other road users do not always drive with care. Please help to keep all the children safe by observing the following:
• Park on the far side of the road from the school or consider parking safely elsewhere in the village and walking the last part.
• Turn in Lee Park or around the war memorial not in France Lane (at the side of the school).
• Never stop on the zig-zag lines, even for a few minutes.
• Bring your child across the road and right inside the gates.
• Pick-your child up from inside the playground.
• Park with consideration for our neighbours, taking care not to block driveways.
For safeguarding reasons, unless your child is coming to Breakfast Club or is in Nursery, we ask parents to say goodbyes on the front playground. Members of staff are on duty each day to make sure that once past the side gate, children cannot wander back out.

Children should not bring toys or valuables (including pencil cases and their contents) to school unless for a specific purpose agreed with the class teacher. Mobile phones are not allowed.
Please make sure that all items are clearly marked with your child’s name and that you check regularly to make sure labels are still legible. Lost property is put in the box situated in the main office. Parents are periodically reminded to come and look for lost items.

If you need to get a message to your child’s class teacher, please:
• speak to one of the adults on the playground who will pass on your message
• write in your child’s home-school book
• telephone or email the school office or drop in to speak to one of the office staff
• speak to the class teacher when he or she brings the children onto the playground at the end of the day.

At the end of school, children are brought onto the front playground by their teacher or TA. We will not release your child until we see that you are there for them and will only let them go home with people that you have authorised. Please let your child’s teacher or the office know if they are to go home with someone different.

All children in Reception and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal. Lunches can be purchased for children in KS2. All meals are ordered on the My Child At School app. If you prefer to send a packed lunch for your child, please support our Healthy Schools agenda. Please remember to send a drink of water too. Please support the School Council’s drive to reduce single-use plastic waste by sending food and drink in re-usable containers. Water is freely available in the classrooms. Children have access to the drinking fountain or can refill their own water bottles.
Children in KS1 are offered a free piece of fruit or raw vegetable every day. We encourage children to try lots of different foods. This snack is a valuable contribution to their five-a-day. Milk is available to any child. There is a charge for this after their fifth birthday.
On their birthdays, we know that some children like to bring in something to share with their friends at the end of the day, though parents should certainly not feel under any pressure to provide this! If you would like to send something in, however, please support the spirit of our healthy eating policy. We suggest a large bag of sweets so that children in the class can take one each rather than individual bags or bars.
We are a nut free school. Please ensure that any product entering our site are free from nuts.