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Keeping Children Safe

 This document sets out the school's statutory duties to keep children safe at school.

Keeping Children Safe


Safeguarding is taken extremely seriously at West Buckland School and is the responsibility of all adults including visitors and parents. If you have a concern about a child, please speak to one of the school’s trained safeguarding officers.

Mrs MacGregor, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Allerston, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sheena Tooze, Governor with responsibility for safeguarding

Alternatively, if you are concerned that a child may be at risk or that you are struggling looking after your child please phone Somerset Direct, 0300 123 2224, who will be able to talk through your concerns with you.



All visitors to the school should report in the first instance to the school office and to sign in. They are expected to read and comply with the school’s safeguarding requirements, a copy of which is in the reception area.

 Please help to keep our site safe by closing gates at all times and ensure that the ‘pencil gate’ locks behind you.


All new appointments are made by a panel, at least one member of which is trained in Safer Recruiting.

‘Prevent’ Duty

All school staff have been trained in their statutory duty to prevent radicalisation. Further information for parents can be found here.

Medicines in school

If your child needs to have medicine, either prescription or ‘over the counter’, you should hand this in at reception and complete a permission form, available from the reception area.


Online safety

Children regularly learn about keeping themselves safe online and about the appropriate use of mobile phones through the taught curriculum and assemblies. These messages are constantly reinforced through our behaviour policy and through informal conversations. The following websites provide support and information for parents.

Sexting –



Parental controls –



Minecraft -


Pokemon Go -


Instagram -

Gaming, apps and websites -

For further support for parents, children and families, please contact Wellington Children’s Centre or GetSet

Wellington Children's Centre  
01643 700030  
or email


Please visit your child's class page regularly while the school is closed for information to support their learning at home.