Mr Mann’s Lockdown Library

Welcome to our lockdown activities page. A page run by Mr Mann giving you extra activities to do at home beyond the home learning your teachers are setting you.



Don’t forget about our 10 a day mental health tips – these are more important now than ever.

Do something you enjoy. Go for a walk. Play a game with your family. Try something new. Do some mindfulness colouring.


Extra task

I love Geography – it was always my favorite subject when I was at school. If you would like to do extra work this week how about researching a Country and putting all your information into a PowerPoint or a collage or perhaps a leaflet or even a booklet. Think about their flag, some key facts and figures, famous people and famous landmarks. Your finished piece can be sent to me in school using I look forward to learning lots about all the different Countries.



This week I would like you to share 2 things with us:

  1. A picture of you home learning space. What equipment do you have? Do you have your own desk area? Are there any interesting objects around your work space?
  2. A photo of you reading in your favorite place. Where is your best place to read? What makes it a great space for reading? What book are you reading at the moment?

Please send your photos to and I will share these with our community on our Facebook page & Twitter feed.


Quiz time!

Here is an online quiz based around our school site: 

Here is a fun quiz about the staff at our school:

Here is a quiz where all the questions are about school but all the answers are numbers:

Here is an online word search all about our school: