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A message from the Headteacher


Welcome to our school website. If you are new to our school, I hope the information you find here will give you a flavour of our school and what is important to us.


West Buckland is a four class primary school located in a village setting near to Wellington. It is the perfect size for everyone to know and care for each other really well whilst allowing plenty of scope for friendships and flexibility for challenge in learning. We’ve known many of our pupils from birth and several children have parents and grandparents who attended here. Our school genuinely does have the family atmosphere that parents tell us they are looking for for their children. We have lost count of the number of visitors who say, ‘What a lovely school! You can sense the happy atmosphere when you walk in.’!


We believe that children reach their potential when they are happy and secure at school. When they are stimulated, challenged, supported and encouraged to do their best, they love learning. When they feel that they really ‘belong’, their individuality is recognised, their strengths nurtured and they are supported through difficulties, they flourish.


We hope that you like what you see on our website. If you would like to know more about us please make an appointment to visit us. You will be made very welcome!


Helen MacGregor



Please visit your child's class page regularly while the school is closed for information to support their learning at home.