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What makes West Buckland Primary School so special?


What makes our school so special?

West Buckland Primary School provides exceptional education. We teach children the academic skills that they need to access all areas of learning, the emotional skills to live fulfilling lives and the social skills to form secure, happy and lasting relationships. Our offer to children and their families is highly ambitious, with access to an outstanding range of extra-curricular activities, arts education and sporting opportunity.


High Academic Standards: The school has high expectations of academic achievement for its pupils who consistently achieve in line with or above national standards. The school prides itself on ensuring that Year 6 pupils are well-prepared, academically and socially, for transition to the next phase of their education.


A challenging, engaging and relevant curriculum: Our enquiry- based curriculum provides rich and deep learning that allows children to develop knowledge and skills exponentially. Children focus in depth on areas of learning so that the knowledge and skills that they acquire ‘hang together’ and carry real meaning.  We teach and promote personal growth and development, through both the taught and informal curriculum so that every child is prepared to play a full part in modern British society.


Outstanding provision: Opportunities in the performing arts and sports make West Buckland Primary stand out from the crowd. Every child in KS2 has the chance to represent their school in inter-school competitions and ‘friendlies’, ranging from the traditional football, netball, athletics and cricket to the slightly more unusual dodgeball, cyclo-cross and handball. We say ‘yes’ to every opportunity to take part that comes our way and consistently beat competition from primary schools very much larger than us. Children love taking part, they support and value each others efforts whatever their skill level. We were delighted to be awarded the School Games Award Gold Level in September 2019 for the quality of our sports provision and participation.

Children from Year 2-6 learn to play an instrument as part of their music lessons -recorder in Yr 2 and an increasingly challenging range of brass instruments in KS2. By the end of Year 6, they are musically literate and have achieved a skill level which could let them continue to play for pleasure through their adult life. Every child has a part in our end-of-year musical, takes part in public speaking events such as ‘Look Who’s Talking’, participates in Poetry Prowl and sings to a large audience in venues such as Wells Cathedral.


Wide-ranging extra-curricular activities: We believe that by giving children the chance to try a vast range of activities do they find the things that they will love doing and derive pleasure from, perhaps for their whole lives. Extra-curricular activity at West Buckland is simply unique! In 2018-19 we offered a total of 22 after school activity clubs ranging from quidditch to karate, guitar to gardening, Lego and rambling. Activities change every term, meaning that there is always something that will appeal to everyone.

Please visit your child's class page regularly while the school is closed for information to support their learning at home.